Updated Salsa Cycles Journeyer offers increased versatility for all gravel riders

Salsa Cycles has launched the Journeyer, a new “all-road adventure machine” said to welcome “everyone to the gravel world”.

The bike is an updated version of Salsa’s previous Journeyman bike, which was also billed as an all-road adventure machine. Salsa says the bike has added performance and functionality thanks to its redesigned frame and fork, with added mounts for bags and extra versatility.

Salsa says it has changed the name of its all-road adventure bike from ‘Journeyman’ to ‘Journeyer’ following consultation from a third-party group to audit the brand’s names for “problematic or offensive language”.

The name Journeyer was chosen because, as a genderless product name, Salsa believes it’s more welcoming to all people, while retaining the recognition and value the brand has built around the word ‘journey’.

The complete range of Salsa Journeyer bikes includes 18 complete builds and a frameset. The complete bikes come with 700c or 650b wheels with a range of different forks, as well as drop-handlebar or flat-handlebar options.

The UK range will focus on the drop-bar versions of the Journeyer with 700c or 650b wheels. Prices range from £1,070 for the Shimano Claris-equipped bike to £2,350 for the SHIMANO GRX600 build.

Not just a name change

Salsa chose the name ‘Journeyer’ because it’s genderless.

Salsa’s decision to change its adventure bike from having a gendered to gender-neutral name can be seen as the brand taking a small step towards tackling cycling’s lack of diversity.

This is because switching from a gendered name to a genderless name will potentially make a wider group of people feel that cycling – and this bike in particular – is for them.

Salsa says the decision to change the name of the bike fits with the brand’s “attributes of inclusivity and community”.

However, it stresses in its press material that the Journeyer is “not simply a rebadging of the Journeyman model” and includes a number of updates over the previous bike.

Journeyer frame sauce

The Journeyer is said to have an adaptable frameset.

The Salsa Journeyer frame is made from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. It has a number of features that lead to Salsa’s claim that the bike is an adaptable platform that allows for different setups, from gravel riding to bikepacking.

The drop-bar version of the bike is available in six sizes, from 49cm to 60cm, while the flat-bar version is available in five sizes, from XS to XL.

The frame has mounts for a rack and mud guardsand a combination of different mounts for bottlesdepending on the frame size.

Within the front triangle, the two largest frame sizes for the drop-bar version of the bike include mounts for three bottles, while the 55cm, 53cm and 51cm sizes include mounts for two bottles and the smallest 49cm frame has mounts for one bottle.

The bike has mounts on the underside of the down tube for a bottle or accessories, and mounts on the top tube for a Bento-box style bag.

While all models of the bike come with an alloy seatpost as standard, Salsa says the frame has internal dropper post routing.

All cables are routed internally and the bike comes with either cable-actuated or hydraulic brakes depending on the spec.

There are also 1x and 2x options. The 2x options appear to use a band-on mount for the front derailleur due to the lack of derailleur mounts on the bike’s seat tube.

Salsa says all models come specced with either 700x38mm or 650b x 47mm tires. However, the frame can accommodate up to 700x50mm tires or 650b x 56mm tires, which should open up the world of wider gravel bike tires.

Different fork options

The Salsa Journeyer comes with the option of three different forks across the expansive model range.

These three forks are called the Waxing, Fantail and Fantail Deluxe.

All the forks feature a tapered steerer, flat-mount brakes, fender mounts and three mounts on either side for bag mounts or a low-rider rack when used in conjunction with the front mudguard mount.

The Waxing is a carbon fiber fork that fits a 12x100mm thru-axle. It can fit either a 700x45mm or 650b x 56mm tyre.

The Fantail Deluxe and Fantail both have larger clearances, accepting either 700x56mm or 650b x 58mm tyres.

The two Fantails differ, however, when it comes to how you fit the front wheel. The Fantail Deluxe takes a 12x100mm thru-axle and the Fantail takes a 9x100mm quick-release skewer.

Room Journeyer drop handlebar geometry

Journeyer Sauce specs and pricing

Across all territories, the Salsa Journeyer range has 18 different complete builds available, as well as a frameset. All the different builds come with either 700c or 650b wheels.

In the UK, there will initially be eight drop-handlebar models available. Pricing starts at £1,070 and goes up to £2,350. The frameset with the waxwing fork costs £710.

The three models below represent a cross-section of the range in the UK. They have Shimano 2x or SRAM 1x drivetrains, Salsa’s own handlebar, stem and seatpost, and Teravail tires.

Sauce Journeyer Shimano GRX600

The Journeyer GRX600 has the Waxwing fork.

  • Frameset: Journeyer Sauce
  • Forks: waxwing
  • Drive Train: Shimano GRX810 and GRX600 mix, 2x
  • Brakes: SHIMANO GRX400
  • wheels: Shimano Tiagra
  • Tyres: Teravail Washburn 700x38mm or 650b x 47mm
  • Price: £2,350

SRAM Apex 1 Journeyer Sauce

The Journeyer is available with a 1x SRAM Apex drivetrain.

  • Frameset: Journeyer Sauce
  • Forks: fantail
  • Drive Train: SRAM Apex, 1x
  • Brakes: Tektro MD-C550
  • wheels: WTB ST i23 rims on WTB Serra hubs
  • Tyres: Teravail Washburn 700x38mm or 650b x 47mm
  • Price: £1,700

Sauce Journeyer Shimano Claris

The Journeyer with Shimano Claris is the most affordable bike in the UK range.

  • Frameset: Journeyer Sauce
  • Forks: fantail
  • Drive Train: Shimano Claris, 2x
  • Brakes: Tektro MD-C130
  • wheels: WTB ST i23 rims on Shimano hubs
  • Tyres: Teravail Washburn 700x38mm or 650b x 47mm
  • Price: £1,700

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