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Pack light, travel far” has been the strapline for the brevet collection from Rapha for some time, a collection that includes bib shorts, jackets, gilets, hoodies, an insulated mug, and several jerseys. This one, the Rapha Brevet Jersey is one of the first items the brand released with the aim of servicing the long-distance cycling community, and set the trend for the rest of the collection regarding additional storage, reflective detailing, and a focus on comfort over aero.

This is my second Brevet jersey too, my first back in 2015 lasting a good few years before it met an unfortunate end at the hands of a too-hot iron. This one I wore for four days straight on a disastrous bike tour through France (no fault of the jersey, I should add). It saw frosty, foggy mornings, 12hr days in the saddle, midday heat, and enough pastries to make even the most unflappable boulangier blush. How did it fare, then? Does it deserve a spot in our list of the best cycling jerseysor is it style over substance?

Design and aesthetics

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