Liverpool ‘dodged’ Jack Grealish transfer bullet as former Aston Villa man sent ‘circus’ warning

form Aston-Villa man Stan Collymore has questioned the behavior of Jack Grealish after he was pictured partying this summer, whilst also claiming Liverpool ‘dodged a bullet’ by not signing the England international.

Grealish, 26, was pictured partying in a number of different locations following the end of the 2021/22 season which saw him crowned a Premier League champion with Man City after a dramatic 3-2 victory against his former club on the final day of the season.

Most recently he was pictured with friends in Las Vegas which led to Grealish himself pointing out that several England players enjoyed lively holidays after the season ended but that he was the only one highlighted.

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speaking to The Mirror, Collymore warned Grealish. He said: “I recoil every time I see him on the front of a newspaper because my concern is that, with the acquiescence of the media, he is painting himself as, ‘the new Gazza’.

“If Jack isn’t careful it’s going to be him. As soon as I read he was going to Las Vegas with a load of mates, I thought the media was setting the scene for a wild weekend. For all we knew, they could have been going off on a Buddhist retreat — but obviously the narrative is already right because of course he was going to stick on the Beatles sunglasses with his bleached blond hair and all the gear.

“I guarantee Jurgen Klopp will be seeing the photos and thinking, ‘I dodged a bullet there’. While his boss at City, Pep Guardiola, will be saying, ‘okay, you’re picking your liver. Well, let’s see what you’re like in pre-season compared to the other boys’.”

“What Jack has done is basically what I did after signing for Liverpool in 1995. I treated all my mates to a holiday in Ayia Napa and the paps were there, getting photos of me doing bungee jumps and coming out of bars, having a pint in squares with a young Frank Lampard and Jamie Redknapp. So I know what’s coming for Jack and what’s coming is, firstly, they say, ‘good looking lad, all right, Jack, he’s enjoying it’. And he’ll be thinking, ‘I can play football and go out, what a great life this is’.

“But then he’ll have a run of bad games and the dye will be cast, and once it’s cast it’s very difficult to get off. The problem then comes when you get an injury because if City bring someone else in and decide to biff Jack off, I just don’t want him to be the circus I was, where you go from club to club to club looking to be happy , you then go to Bradford who are struggling, then to Spain to try to rescue your career, and before you know it you’re done and dusted at 31.

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“He has choices to make now — he can either keep playing football and partying, although I’m yet to know of anyone who can do both well. Or he can become like Kevin De Bruyne, who you rarely hear of beyond football. When he’s finished, he’ll still only be early-30s and a good-looking boy, and there’ll be plenty of time to do all the things he wants to do then.

“Don’t get me wrong, he’ll win trophies with City but he won’t be the top man. Fans are already saying, ‘come on, he won the Premier League last year’, but how much did he contribute? I just want him to do well — he’s from my neck of the woods and he reminds me of me a bit, a bit gullible, perhaps, and not as in control of everything as he thinks.”

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