Johnny Depp trial – live: Actor grilled by Amber Heard lawyers over text messages and drug and alcohol use

Watch live as Johnny Depp testimony continues in defamation case against Heard

Lawyers representing Amber Heard are cross-examining Johnny Depp following his two days of testimony in the $50m (£38.2m) defamation lawsuit he brought against his ex-wife. The trial is in its second week at the Fairfax County Courthouse in Virginia.

Heard is being sued by Depp for implying he abused her in a 2018 op-ed she wrote. Although she did not name him, his lawyers de ella claim her allegations de ella have made it difficult for the actor to land movie roles, turning him from “Cinderella to Quasimodo” in Hollywood, as the Pirates of the Caribbean actor describes it.

The actor recalled a traumatic childhood with an abusive mother and said his relationship with Heard mirrored that, accusing her of “bullying” him in his testimony, as well as recalling a thick finger wound and human faeces being found on his bed.

Audio played to the court revealed an argument between the couple in which Heard told Depp “you didn’t get punched” and that “I was hitting you”, in a dispute about a violent episode.

On Thursday morning, Heard’s lawyers challenged the actor over vulgar text messages sent by him, his drug use and drinking, and the length of his sobriety.


Judge Azcarate says the attorneys need to “work out some issues with the audio equipment” and calls a 15-minute recess.

Oliver O’Connell21 April 2022 20:26


Depp is now being quizzed about his story regarding how his finger came to be severed.

While he testified that it had been as a result of being hit by a large bottle of vodka, he told emergency room doctors it was as a result of an accident with an accordion door — purportedly to protect Heard.

Evidence is now shown of references to the finger being severed by a kitchen knife and then messages in which Depp refers to chopping his own finger off.

This is followed by an audio recording of Depp and Heard in which he appears to say “the day that I chopped my finger off”.

Oliver O’Connell21 April 2022 20:23


Depp appears to have been prolific in his painting in Australia in blood and paint.

He wrote: “Starring Billy Bob and Easy Amber” on one mirror — a reference to Heard having recently shot London Fields with Billy Bob Thornton and James Franco.

Other scrawled messages Depp says are “reminders” on other mirrors and a lampshade.

The lampshade message reads: “Good luck and be careful at the top.”

When reading out, Depp says: “I thought it was good advice.”

Oliver O’Connell21 April 2022 20:07


Depp says that after his finger was wounded in the vodka bottle fight he dipped it in paint when he ran out of blood to write on the walls.

“After writing on the walls, the blood had kind of dried, as it were. And so I stuck my finger into a can of paint and mineral spirits to put my verbal messages onto the wall,” he says.

Rottenborn then questions Depp about what he recalls of the damage to the house in Australia, including the breaking of a television and a window.

He then asks if Depp defaced a piece of art by drawing a penis on it.

“Drawing a penis on a painting was not the first thing on my mind. I had messages to write, reminders,” says Depp.

Oliver O’Connell21 April 2022 19:59


Depp says that any requests for ecstasy from him in the messages were on behalf of Heard.

Heard’s lawyer is pushing him about whether after his finger was severed in the fight in Australia he was asking for more ecstasy and cocaine.

Depp disputes the timing of the incident, but again Rottenborn refers back to UK trial testimony.

Oliver O’Connell21 April 2022 19:52


Depp is being asked about an email he sent in 2013 and later text messages he sent to Stephen Deuters.

The email refers to making music around the time of The Lone Ranger movie and about the use of Lexapro and weed.

In the texts, the actor says the screenplay he received for Pirates of the Caribbean 5 “was not up to snuff” and he felt that it was very lazily written.

Further texts with his other assistant appear to show Depp asking about getting pills from Marilyn Manson’s assistant.

The messages are dated February and March 2015.

Oliver O’Connell21 April 2022 19:41


Depp reacts to photo Amber Heard took of him asleep with spilled ice cream

The jury in the trial between Johnny Depp and ex wife Amber Heard was shown a photo of Mr Depp asleep on a couch with ice cream spilled across his lap.

Mr Depp said he had worked a 17-hour day, taken some opioids, and that Ms Heard gave him the ice cream “because she knew what was going to happen”.

Oliver O’Connell21 April 2022 19:34


Court is back in session after the lunch break.

Oliver O’Connell21 April 2022 19:18


Depp reacts to audio of himself moaning ‘like a pained animal’

Audio of Johnny Depp moaning in pain after mixing opioids and alcohol was played in court as the actor was cross-examined by lawyers for his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Oliver O’Connell21 April 2022 18:55


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