Joel Diaz, Jr. Loses to Mercito “No Mercy” Gesta in A War!

By Ken Hissner: At the Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio, California, Thursday over DAZN Oscar De La Hoya (Golden Boy Promotions) presented in the Main Event Lightweight Joel Diaz, Jr., coming off a pair of knockdowns in the first round to come back well in the next three rounds but it was Mercito “No Mercy” Gesta finishing the stronger in one great battle to make the decision!

In the Main Event, Lightweight Joel Diaz, Jr., 26-3 (22), #134 ½, of Palmdale, CA, lost to southpaw Mercito “No Mercy” Gesta, 33-3-3 (17), #134 ¾ , of PH, and San Diego, CA, over ten all-action rounds.

In the first round, Gesta rushed out and attacked Diaz for the first minute when a right on the chin dropped Diaz. A second knockdown occurred with a left from Gesta, and down went Diaz for an 8-count from Referee Ray Corona. I have barely made it to the end of the round.

In the second round, Diaz stormed out and, at the midway point, rocked Gesta with a right on the chin. I have dominated Gesta the rest of the round. In the third and fourth rounds, the action continued with Diaz again getting the best of Gesta, who fought back gamely.

In the fifth round, both had their moments, with Diaz, the aggressor as Gesta always came back with enough to get through another round. In the sixth round, Gesta did enough to edge out the round in a fight that was even on punches landed except for those two first-round knockdowns.

In the seventh round, Gesta moved around the ring well, hitting Diaz well enough to take another round in an action-packed fight. In the eighth round, Diaz had Gesta on the ropes, for the most part, taking the round.

In the ninth round, the action became even more furious, with Gesta doing well in the middle of the ring but not when Diaz has him against the ropes in another close round. In the tenth and final round, Gesta rocked Diaz in the first minute with a right on the chin that staggered Diaz. It was all action right up to the bell, with Gesta having an edge in one great fight!

Scores were 96-92 twice and 95-93, as did this writer score it.
Super Bantamweight southpaw Manuel “El Meny” Flores, 12-0 (9), #119 ¼, of Coachella, CA, stopped southpaw Victor “Pelon” Ruiz, 23-13 (16), #119 ½, of Tijuana, Baja California , MEX, at 2:21 of the third round of a scheduled eight rounds.

In the third round Flores dropped Ruiz with a flurry of punches, getting an 8-count from Referee Ray Corona. Just seconds later, a left from Flores on the chin of Ruiz dropped him a second time for an 8-count. Upon rising, Ruiz was caught with a left from Flores on the chin, dropping for a third time, causing referee Corona to wave it off.

Lightweight Jouse “Tito” Gonzalez, 12-0-1 (11), #134 ¼, of Glendora, CA, stopped a game Jairo “Doberman” Lopez, 27-15 (18), #133 ¼, of Apodaca, Nuevo Leon , MEX, at 2:29 of the sixth round of a scheduled eight rounds.

In the second round, a right and left from Gonzalez to the chin of Lopez and down he went for an 8-count from Referee Eddie Hernandez, Sr. In the third round, Gonzalez dropped Lopez with a flurry of punches for an 8-count from Referee Hernandez. Later in the round, a combination from Gonzalez to the chin of Lopez caused the third knockdown.

In between rounds, the referee warned Lopez to fight back, or he’s stopping it. In the fourth round, Gonzalez got the better of the two in a solid round. In the fifth round, the action was furious with both having their moments with both cut on their right eyebrows. In the sixth round, two right uppercuts from Gonzalez on the chin of Lopez rocking him caused referee Hernandez to call a halt.

Flyweight Jan “Nito” Salvatierra, 8-1 (4), #111 ½, of Los Cabos, Baja California, MEX, stopped Ernie “The Gladiator” Marquez, 10-18-2 (3), #110 ¾, of Ft Morgan, CO at 2:26 of the second round of a scheduled six rounds.

In the second round, a right from Salvatierra to the body dropped Marquez, who seemed to injure his right ankle upon hitting the canvas causing Referee Eddie Hernandez, Sr., to call a halt.

Featherweight Jorge Chavez, 2-0 (2), #127 ¾, of San Diego, CA, stopped Jonathan Tejeda, 0-2 (0), #127 ¾, of Mexico City, Mexico, at 1:04 of the second round of a scheduled four rounds.

In the first round, it was all Chavez, who, with thirty seconds remaining, landed a left hook to the body, hurting Tejeda. In the second round, with almost a minute gone, an overhand right from Chavez dropped Tejeda causing Referee Ray Armendariz to give him the 8-count and wave it off when he got up.

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