Is The World Handicap System Causing Slow Play?

Under the World Handicap System (WHS), we are all encouraged to submit as many “General Play” scores as possible. The more scores we post for handicap, the more reflective our WHS handicap will be of our current playing ability and WHS will work effectively for all. That makes a good deal of sense.

But there is a small problem – General Play currently seems to equal slow play and I’m sure I’m not alone in noticing this. I’ve become very aware of when groups on course are doing General Play scores. There are a few tell-tale signs. Firstly, the General Play group will putt out on every green (probably even when they’ve had too many shots for it to matter anyway.) Then they will reach into their bag to find a smartphone to input their score from the hole – this can take some time as they struggle to relaunch the app before pressing the wrong button and asking their playing partner for advice on how to rectify the mistake. It’s slow going.

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