Idea to hide Trump voters in Capitol ‘insane’

Washington — Former Michigan Republican Party Chairwoman Laura Cox told a US House committee that supporters of former President Donald Trump, at one point, contemplated hiding in the state Capitol overnight to strengthen their bid to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

The detail from Cox, who was state party chair in 2020, revealed internal discussions that unfolded within the Michigan GOP as some Republicans pushed to submit a false certificate to Congress and the National Archives, saying Trump won the state’s election. Democrat Joe Biden won Michigan by 154,000 votes.

In recorded testimony revealed Tuesday, Cox said a lawyer who was working with the Trump campaign informed her of the plans to get inside the Michigan Capitol ahead of the Dec. 14, 2020, meeting of the Electoral College. The attorney was Robert Norton, a Hillsdale College official.

“He told me that the Michigan Republican electors were planning to meet in the Capitol and hide overnight so that they could fulfill the role of casting their vote per law in the Michigan chambers,” Cox said. “And I told him in no uncertain terms that that was insane and inappropriate.”

A group of Republican electors walks toward the Michigan State Capitol to try to gain entry to cast their ballots in Lansing, Mich., on Dec. 14, 2020.

The statement was part of a hearing by the Democrat-led US House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol, which has spent more than a year probing Trump’s efforts to overturn his loss to Biden.

Cox, Michigan Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, R-Clarklake, Democratic Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson and Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel of Northville were all featured in Tuesday’s hearing, which focused on Trump’s effort to influence state officials.

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