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Southampton were the better side for the first ten minutes. After that, Burnley were magnificent, and thoroughly served their victory. The scoreline flatters Saints. Burnley showed all the spirit and tenacity required for a relegation scrap, plus some genuine quality and progressive play. The caretaker boss Mike Jackson allows a huge smile to spread across his face, as Turf Moor rises as one to applaud their team, who have to a man given their all. The three points are so precious, sure, but it’s the manner of tonight’s performance that may give Burnley real hope of beating the drop. Wolves come here on Sunday, and if Burnley get so much as a point, they’ll climb out of the relegation places at Everton’s expense.

FULL TIME: Burnley 2-0 Southampton

Three precious points for Burnley! Mary Fitzpatrick Howorth can stop hitting refresh now.

90 min +5: Connor Roberts is named man of the match by Sky co-commentator Don Goodman. Roberts has been one of several Burnley heroes. They’ve been superb tonight.

90 min +4: Vydra runs a country mile to snatch the ball off Livramento. Such effort, so deep into injury time, with the game as good as won. The crowd appreciated that, even though all his work was for never.

90 min +2: Burnley’s fans serenade their old manager Sean Dyche, who worked wonders at Turf Moor for the best part of a decade. Mike Jackson isn’t doing too badly, either.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss?
Meet the new boss, same as the old boss? Photograph: Craig Brough/Reuters

90 minutes: Valery romps down the right and wins a corner, which Pope claims. there will be five added minutes. Not the news Mary Fitzpatrick Howorth wanted to hear: “As a Burnley fan in Chicago (long story) the number of times the screen has been refreshed in the past three minutes is only equal to the number of points my blood pressure has increased. #atworkduringcrucialmatchproblems”

88min: McNeil, who has been excellent this evening, makes way for Lowton.

87min: VAR shows no interest in overturning the referee’s decision. Ward-Prowse’s arm was certainly in an unnatural position, well away from his torso, but proximity probably saved him. You can’t argue too much with the decision.

86min: Lennon wins a corner down the right. From the set piece, Tarkowski has a dig. Blocked. Burnley claim loudly for a penalty, the ball hitting Ward-Prowse on his dangling right arm. The referee isn’t interested. McNeil rasps a shot over the bar… and then VAR has another look at the penalty shout.

Handball? Photograph: Craig Brough/Reuters

85 minutes: the Burnley fans entertain themselves with a few olés, as their defenders stroke it around the back. If nothing else, it shows they’re not the superstitious type, concerned in any way about tempting fate.

83min: Walker-Peters is replaced by Livramento.

81min: Broja bursts down the right and whistles a low shot-cum-cross into the Burnley six-yard box. Pope claims with safe hands.

80 minutes: From the resulting free kick, Rodriguez is sent clear into the box on the right. He’s got Collins and Vydra waiting to tap in from close range. Somehow his cross from him flies between the pair and away from danger.

79min: Perraud is booked for a rugby-style challenge on McNeil.

78min: Vydra comes on for the willing but limited Weghorst.

77min: There’s an edge to this match now. Burnley, so close to three precious points, are beginning to feel the strain. Saints meanwhile feel aggrieved by a couple of minor decisions that haven’t gone their way. All of which registers a healthy seven out of ten on our patented Potential Tinder Box-o-meter.

75 minutes: Perraud clanks into Roberts out on the Burnley right. A chance for the home heroes to load the box. Brownhill takes, and the ball is currently sailing a couple of miles east of Preston.

73min: … but the referee tells them both to stop playing silly buggers, and shows them the yellow card. All calm down.

72min: From the resulting corner, Adams is found clear on the penalty spot! He has to score, but hesitates and Taylor heroically lunges to block. That intervention is celebrated like a goal, and it’s worth one. What a tackle! The next corner leads to a different sort of brouhaha, as Taylor goes down having taken a whack upside the head. Bednarek thinks Burnley are pulling a fast one, and enters into a debate with Tarkowski. For a second, it looks like kicking off…

You hate to see it.
You hate to see it. Photograph: Molly Darlington/Action Images/Reuters

71min: Ward-Prowse whips the free kick towards the top right. It’s not his best of him, nowhere near the corner. Pope tips over.

70min: Rodriguez wrestles Romeu to the ground, 25 yards out, just to the right of center. James Ward-Prowse Country, in other words.

69min: Tarkowski nearly buries a near-post flick at the far post. He can’t make contact as the ball flashes wide. Chances are he’d have been flagged offside anyway.

68min: Burnley responded by countering through McNeil and Lennon, who combined to earn a corner down the left. Brownhill to take.

67min: Redmond sends an inswinger from the left. Adams springs the Burnley trap and sidefoots a volley towards the top left. Pope responds well with a strong arm. Nothing comes from the resulting corner. as near ace Southampton have eat!

66min: Both teams make a change. Lennon comes on for Cornet, while Adams and Redmond replace Armstrong and Elyounoussi.

NO GOAL! Burnley 2-0 Southampton

65min: Turns out there was an offside somewhere in the move. Millimeters in it. Tarkowski’s heel, maybe. Who knows these days.

Off side!
Off side! Photograph: Craig Brough/Reuters

GOAL! Burnley 3-0 Southampton (Cork 63)

Burnley look to have messed things up by playing the corner short. But they stay patient and work it back up the flank. McNeil swings it long. Tarkowski rises at the far post. He heads across the face of goal. Forster flaps. The ball clanks off Tarkowski and then Cork, who bundles into the bottom right.

Have Burnley scored another?
Have Burnley scored another? Photograph: Molly Darlington/Action Images/Reuters

62min: Rodriguez intercepts a loose Saints pass and springs Cornet into acres down the left. Cornet zips up the field and wins Burnley’s seventh corner of the evening. Weghorst challenges for it at the far stick, leading to number eight. And from that…

60 minutes: Romeu catches Roberts in the windpipe, accidentally it would seem, and the pressure that comes with defending a corner is released.

59min: Perraud digs out a cross from a tight position on the left. It deflects off Cork and very nearly loops over Pope from a tight angle – think Paul Konchesky for West Ham in the 2006 FA Cup final – but the keeper tips over the bar.

57min: … so having said that, Walker-Peters wins a corner down the right. Pope claims the set piece, and launches long for Cornet, who momentarily looks like getting the better of Perrau. The Saints defend holds firm, though.

56min: On the touchline, Ralph Hasenhuttl is a picture of discontent. No wonder, his team of him are struggling to string anything together.

Not a happy man.
Not a happy man. Photograph: Philip Bryan/ProSports/REX/Shutterstock

54min: Rodriguez puts Lyanco under all sorts of pressure down the Burnley right, forcing the Saints man into the concession of a corner. Saints deal with it easily enough, but Burnley don’t look in the mood to let up. Where has this Burnley been all season?

52min: The Turf Moor faithful continue to give it plenty. They’ve been four squares behind their men tonight.

Photograph: Craig Brough/Reuters

50 minutes: Cornet drifts in from the left and takes one touch too many in the Saints box. His eventual shot from him is blocked, but if nothing else, that’ll further burnish that aforementioned stat.

49min: Sky Sports flash up a stat that doesn’t do Sean Dyche’s reputation much good. before today, Burnley would on average take 8.6 touches in the opposition box per match. During that opening 45, they took 20.

47min: Had that gone in, VAR may have had something to say about it, Cork standing in front of Forster and refusing to budge. That’s not to say Cork was doing much wrong, but you know how keepers are protected in these situations.

45 minutes 44 seconds: Roberts skedaddles down the right and crosses deep. Corner. It’s swung in with purpose. Tarkowski rises highest and plants a header over the bar from six yards. What a chance!

Burnley get the second half underway. Neither team has made a half-time change. “What do Burnley’s second goal and a fine glass of wine have in common? Neither were discarded for being Cork-ed!” Peter Oh, ladies and gentlemen. He’s here all week. Try the butter pie (pairs well with a robust red).

HALF TIME: Burnley 2-0 Southampton

The whistle goes. That half could have ended 5-0, 2-3, or anything in between. yet on balance, Burnley throughly deserve this lead. After a rocky opening ten minutes, they’ve been superb. They run in with the cheers of their fans ringing loudly in their ears. As things stand, the gap on Everton will close to one point.

45 min +1: Nope, it’s fine. There was no clear and obvious footage to prove Cork’s inadvertent involvement one way or another. The goal stands!

45 minutes: VAR is checking, though. Did the ball brush Cork’s shorts en route to goal? Cork was offside, so it’ll be disallowed if so, preposterous as it sounds.

GOAL! Burnley 2-0 Southampton (Collins 44)

Weghorst, Taylor and Cornet work well down the left, the latter earning a corner off Valery. It’s swung in. Collins rises miles above Armstrong and plants a header into the bottom right. Easy as that!

Nathan Collins scores for Burnley!
Nathan Collins scores for Burnley! Photograph: Craig Brough/Reuters

42min: A little bit of space for Elyounoussi out on the right. There are options in the box, but the cross is not good. Pope hasn’t had a serious save to make yet.

40 minutes: A scheduled break so players observing ramadan can take on refreshments. An opportunity for both managers to issue some tactical instruction, too.

38min: Cork ships possession and goes haring after Armstrong in an attempt to salvage the situation. He lightly clips his man from him, who tries to keep going but eventually succumbs to gravity. The tackle was mistimed rather than malicious, but Cork goes into the book anyway.

36min: Roberts and Brownhill combine crisply down the right. The ball’s cut back for McNeil, who drives hard towards the bottom right. Forster does extremely well to get down, stick out a strong arm, and turn the goalbound drive around the post. Nothing comes from the corner.

35min: Brownhill tries to release Weghorst into the box with a wedge down the inside right. Goal kick. He should have slipped either Taylor or Cornet in down the left.

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